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How Can I Best Avoid Charity Fraud? <ul><li>Donate only to charities that you know and trust</li> <li>Be wary of charities that seem to have been formed specifically in response to a particular disaster</li> <li>Contact the Oklahoma Secretary of State to find out if the charity is registered in Oklahoma. Contact the SOS at (405) 521-3912 or search charitable organization listings online at <a href=''http://www.sos.ok.gov/charity/''>www.sos.ok.gov/charity/</a>.</li> <li>Ask for written information regarding the solicitor’s charity</li> <li>Listen carefully to the name of the charity. Scam artists often claim to be associated with a charity that mimics the name of a well-known organization</li> <li>Be wary of solicitors that use high pressure or aggressive tactics, ask for donations in cash or promise prizes</li></ul>

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