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If I receive a disconnection notice from an Oklahoma Corporation Commission regulated electric, natural gas or water company, what are my rights? The first thing to do is contact the utility company if you have any questions about the bill. MOST IMPORTANT: contact the utility as soon as you receive the notice. If you cannot pay the bill in full, you may request a list of agencies that provide monies to help customers pay their utility bills. The Oklahoma Corporation Commission has established rules for those utilities to provide payment agreements which will allow the customer to pay out the high bill with future current bills. The payment agreement is based upon the following criteria: 1) Consumer's gross income less employer deductions; 2) Size of the delinquent account; 3) Consumer's ability to pay; 4) Consumer's payment history with the utility; 5) Length of time and reasons why the debt has not been paid; 6) Other extraordinary expenses of the consumer; 7) Loss of income through unemployment or illness; 8) Any other relevant factors concerning the circumstances of the consumer; 9) The payments under such as agreement need not be equal in amount. With a change in the disconnection rules, consumers cannot pay the bill on the scheduled day of disconnection in order to avoid disconnection. The bill has to be paid not later than the day prior to the disconnection with the consumer notifying the utility of the payment. Unresolved settlements or complaints may be addressed to the Public Utility Complaints Department of the Consumer Services Division for investigation and mediation. Corporation Commission, Oklahoma - OCC
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