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State Election Board Launches A Polling Place Locator

State Election Board Secretary Michael Clingman recently announced the launch of a new polling place locator feature on the State Election Board's website. ''The polling place locator may help thousands of Oklahomans verify the locations of their precinct polling places for the upcoming elections,'' Clingman said.

The polling place locator is available at in the ''Frequently Asked Questions'' section and also in the ''Voter Registration'' section.

Registered voters enter their last name, date of birth, and Zip Code and the locator produces a list of possible matches. The voter selects his or her name from the list and receives the name and address of the assigned polling place as well as a list of his or her Congressional, State Senate, State House, and County Commissioner Districts.
In the event that the locator is unable to match the voter's information, the voter should call his or her local County Election Board office directly. The locator also provides the appropriate contact information.
''The polling place locator is a great tool for Oklahoma voters who just need to verify their correct place to vote on election day,'' Clingman said.

''Voters can access the polling place locator from any computer connected to the internet at any time, including on election day when it may be difficult to reach their local County Election Board office by telephone.''

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